Why Code Climate is good for society 10 November 2013

Code reviews are great, they produce better code, and allow convergence in style and approach, without the authoritarian feel of formal best practices documentation. Avoiding formality is something I hold dear, as creative free thinking individuals are who I want to be around, and who I want to be. The problem with code reviews, is that creative free thinking individuals will always have creative free thinking differences. This causes tension.

What I really want is a code review where I don't have to suppress the urge to defend my less elegant choices. A code review where my lizard brain sense of pride doesn't have a say.

The problem is that this defensiveness is natural, you poured your heart and soul, 3 days of your life into that final change set. Having someone you respect nitpick about that 10 line method somewhere in the 500 lines of change is hard. We both know it's shit, but the idea that your masterpiece has a flaw, and a flaw that may take another day of your life to fix is hard to swallow. This is normal.

A to D: Board has gotten worse

A computer saying the same thing does not tickle the same emotions.

cannot load such file -- unicode/unicode_native (LoadError) 18 October 2013

I did some rails updates, this error came up, google was no help:

cannot load such file -- unicode/unicode_native (LoadError)

So here's the fix, so next time Google will know.

Breaking Heroku Deployments (for good reasons) 07 August 2013

  • Do you have an app?
  • Do you have an app that you don't want to deploy over?
  • Do you wish there was some way to stop drunk you from shipping to production?

You should use my broken build pack! (Now with over 100% extra nonfunctionality!)

Apache/X-SendFile truncating large files 23 July 2013

I was recently trying to send some big files (8-20gb) over X-SendFile file (this was for reasons). The files were being truncated after seemingly random points. File size and the Content-Length were in agreement, but the file on disk was longer. This was hard to google for.

That email I almost sent on the subject of email signatures. 10 September 2012

So, this has been mildly annoying for a while, but the addition of fancy images has pushed it over the edge.

If I already know who we are, and know who you are, DO NOT ADD A SIGNATURE!

Doing so may seem harmless, and good PR, or just seem like the kind of thing you're supposed to do. People do all kinds of stupid things, you shouldn't copy them.

JustPics – Your own personal twitpic. 23 June 2011

A little while ago twitpic change their terms and conditions making it so they owned all your pictures.

People[1] got all pissy, as people do. So I made justpics. It's a very simple image hosting site that you can host yourself, on your own hosting, using your own s3 bucket.

Go the fuck to sleep Tom 23 June 2011

Some people have trouble sleeping, others have trouble getting up. Others like me just need to put the fucking laptop down and go to bed.

This is not the story of how I put my laptop down, but of how I wrote some code to help with going to bed failure states. Because failing to go to bed is what I do best.

Why you should buy an SSD for your dev box to prevent velociraptors from catching you and eating your face. 15 October 2010

The Reevoo dev team recently upgraded all our desktops to SSDs. I forget the model, but they are those ones that don't need trim support, or some shit like that.

Keep on reading though, I made graphs and everything.

Shut The Fuck Up WEBrick 22 June 2010

I was recently trying to silence webrick (the noisy bastard) to let me run it in a test suite. The bastard just wouldn't stay quiet, it kept saying stuff like:

[2010-06-22 15:29:11] INFO  WEBrick::HTTPServer#start done.
[2010-06-22 15:29:12] INFO  WEBrick 1.3.1
[2010-06-22 15:29:12] INFO  ruby 1.8.6 (2008-08-11) [x86_64-linux]
[2010-06-22 15:29:12] INFO  WEBrick::HTTPServer#start: pid=18324 port=4001

… like I care.

Zombie Stationary 27 April 2010

Recently some people copied this image and put in all over the internet without credit, or a link back to see more of the awesome.

This made me sad.

So here is the pic and a link back to the source

Activate the Govias Grid 16 April 2010

The year is 2010AD and Reevoo has a new designer, sent from the future to make things more nice looking than they previously were.

This new “Govias” brought with him a grid exactly 960 pixels wide, with a 10px gutter on each side, and several columns of 60px separated by gaps of 20px. Apparently it's not rocket surgery (designers have been doing this stuff for years), but the developers were astounded by how this grid was the root of all alignment.

We call it the Govias Grid.

Rack::Nocache 29 March 2010

A gem to cripple caching. Because sometimes pressing ⌘-R repeatedly in development mode makes you want to stab things in the face. Neither my colleagues, nor my monitor appreciate a good stabbing like they used to.

Intentionally left blank 04 March 2010

ARIAL BLACK 02 March 2010

Arial black is the shit.

Rack::ForceDomain 04 February 2010

A simple gem to direct all traffic to a single canonical domain.

Gem in a Box 08 January 2010

Your own personal gemcutter, but without any bells or whistles.

Let it Snow 18 December 2009


The Hat 15 December 2009

The incredible true story about a man and a hat. (Cross posted from facebook).