Go the fuck to sleep Tom 23 June 2011


Some people have trouble sleeping, others have trouble getting up. Others like me just need to put the fucking laptop down and go to bed.

This is not the story of how I put my laptop down, but of how I wrote some code to help with going to bed failure states. Because failing to go to bed is what I do best.

What is does

Basically it takes the current time, adds 14mins as time it takes to go to sleep (apparently it's the average), and then adds multiple blocks of 90min sleep cycles. This all boils down to a page that tells you when you should get up.

How I use it

Simply put, I refuse to go to bed unless one of the boxes is roughly at 8:40am[1].

Going to bed too early and I wake up and then go back to sleep[2]. Go to bed too late, and I'm awoken by my alarm mid cycle and am a grumpy fuckwhit all day.

So counterintuitively, less sleep can be better then more sleep. Especially for my coworkers.

Who I stole the idea from

As we all know, all the good idea are taken. This idea is no exception. sleepytime did it before me, but I was annoyed at having to click a button, and the lack of live updating. So I built this in a few lines of JS.

Licence/Stealing the code

As with most of the things I do, it's licensed under the WTFBPPL, and you are more than welcome to steal the source code right out of the page.

[1] My leisurely cycle to work wake up time.

[2] waking up at 8am or earlier is for other people