The Hat 15 December 2009

No, I was referring to the other 4th dimension, the one with cake in it, the one that ninjas use to traverse free space without being spotted, the one where umami comes from

The Hat has existed through all time, it was there before us, and it will remain after us. There is no point appreciating it in time, for time has no meaning to The Hat.

Sometimes I fear The Hat, I fear that The Hat may somehow overpower me. Am I wearing The Hat? No, The Hat wears me. The Hat wares, and sometimes controls me like the humble puppet that I am.

The Hat was once worn by a man named Simon. Simon is dead now. Did The Hat kill him? No. But could it have if it had wanted to? Somehow I think we may never know.

Photos of The Hat may be posted at a later date, but again, without an understanding of the 4th dimension (an understanding I do not claim to have), it may never be fully appreciated.

So now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

update (2009-12-16) added pic.

TAKE COURAGE, The Hat is here